Drive-on Battery Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Celeste

Agrodust Holland proudly presents the world’s first drive-on battery operated vacuum cleaner for agricultural and industrial use “Celeste “

The drive-on battery operated industrial vacuum cleaner Celeste has a working width of 1.25 m, and a cleaning capacity of  140 m2 per minute ,respectively 10,000 m2 per hour. The batteries are long-working so large spaces can be cleaned without interruption and with maximum comfort!


Built for heavy performance, the drive-on industrial vacuum cleaner  Celeste is very compact and highly maneuverable. In addition to the comfortable seating position, the Celeste has a semi-automatic unloading dirt container. The dirt container is automatically placed at a height of 1.2 m, so that it can be conveniently emptied without lifting.


The Celeste removes  fine and coarse dust from concrete floors, processing machinery , etc.  in heavy dust conditions anywhere.


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