Agrodust Big Bag Fillers

Agrodust Big Bag Filler With Slide and Cloth




The AGRODUST BIG BAG FILLER is a new AGRODUST product. The AGRODUST big bag filler makes filling and transporting big bags safer, faster, and easier. The technology offers an effective method to bulk bag free flowing farm products such as potatoes, onions, and grain.


The AGRODUST BIG BAG FILLER is easy to use: simply fill the bin, fit the big bag along the rods, and pull the lever to open the filler floor. Next, raise the forklift to accommodate the product as it fills the big bag.


The product uniformly fills the big bag. The big bag is now ready to palletize. It’s firm, stable shape makes transporting easier and safer. The inside of the filler is cushioned with a durable soft landing for optimal product protection.

Agrodust Bigbagvuller met schuif en tuit

The Agrodust Big Bag Filler

Technical specifications

  • size slide and cloth: 1,42 m x 2,20m x 1,12 m
  • capacity:ca 2.20 m³
  • weight: ca. 300 kg
  • prices: on request
  • special customer specification on request